About Us

Feel Good Spas are engineered for maximum hydrotherapy and aquatic performance. Relaxation and personal wellbeing are the key functions of each of our products. Over 60 years’ experiences in the spa industry have being integrated into state-of-the-art products, which convert your backyard into a place of pure relaxation.
  • Mission Statement
  • Feel Good Spas is devoted to creating refined products, which help to improve people’s health and lifestyle. Feel Good’s products provide relaxation, stress relief, and enhance well-being. All our products are carefully designed and manufactured to meet the demanding needs of consumers. We embrace new technologies and understand the importance of delivering durable and reliable products to help improve people’s lives.

At Feel Good Spas we reward achievement and promote development. We practice close cooperation with our international customers and embrace customer feedback to further improve our products and service. Everest clearly understands that a successful product is the result of a complete package of technology, manufacturing quality, innovative design and first-class customer support.  If you find products are not selling in your marketplace, we will work with you on replacing them with products that sell.  

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